Pack Sandals Not a Sweater – Move to Thailand Instead of Canada After Trump’s Victory

thailand_beach_sunsetOn election night 2016, as the states began to fall into Donald Trump’s column, it was reported that Canada’s immigration website crashed from the surge in traffic. If like many people you’re terrified to live in Trump’s USA and want to get out, let me tell you—Canada is not your only option.

I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been in your shoes. Unlike the 99.9% of you who don’t have the balls to put your money where your mouth is, I actually got the f*** out of ‘Muricuh wayyyyyyy back when Bush was elected. But I didn’t flee to our northern neighbor. No, I had my sights on greener pastures, and I’m gonna tell you why Thailand makes a much better option than Canada to wait out Trump’s term of office…or impeachment, whichever comes first.

Canada is Cold AF, Thailand Not So Much

canada_geese_ice_snowOk, let’s start with the most obvious fact. Canada is freaking cold. It snows like 370 days out of the year. George Lucas was inspired to create the Hoth setting for his hidden Rebel base after spending a Memorial Day weekend in Saskatchewan. The sun sets by 2 in the afternoon in mid-December. Canadian geese fly thousands of miles every year to get away. So why are you in such a hurry to go there?

In Thailand, on the other hand, it’s T-shirt weather almost every day of the year. You can spend Xmas and New Year holidays sunbathing on a tropical beach. Bangkok people feel cold when it dips into the mid-70’s.

The Food is Much Better

Thailand is of course home to all sorts of Thai food. Tom yum kung, Pad Thai, green curry, spicy stir-fired noodles, and mango with sticky rice are just a few of the favorites you’ll find here. What do they even eat in Canada—moose burgers? I’ll have to admit my ignorance on this one, but whatever it is they eat up there, I’ll guarantee Thai food is better.

Whatcha Gonna Do For Work?

This point is a little more serious. I know most people who swore they’d leave if Trump won aren’t going anywhere because their career is too important. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’ll be able to find a comparable job if you simply pack up and go to a new country.

For those who have been living in the 21st century, though, you know about this thing called “the internet”. Possibly the greatest aspect to living in the digital age is the possibility of working location independently. The digital nomad and remote worker are the new face of the global workforce.

Thailand has become a bit of a hub for the digital nomad crowd. Funny how when people are free to live and work anywhere in the world they often choose a tropical paradise. Lots of these folks come and go, doing their work under the radar. But if you’ve got an IT background, Iglu might be able to help you with a legit long-term visa.

Canada is Expensive

The cost of living in Canada is roughly on par with the US, and in my opinion, that’s helluh expensive. In Thailand you can eat a square meal for US$1. Housing is much cheaper than North America. Mobile phone usage also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. And if you pay taxes you can go see the doctor for free. Wait, I think they might have universal healthcare in Canada too, so this isn’t a strike against them. Both places beat out the US in this department. Please remind me again how the US is supposed to be the greatest nation on earth when getting sick there can make you go bankrupt.


Elephants, tigers, and pythons > elk, geese, and snowshoe hare. ‘Nuff said.

So if life under President Trump gets to be too much for you, don’t give up hope, and don’t freeze your butt off in Canada. Come to Thailand instead.


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