Hi, I’m Ryan from Wisconsin. I first got interested in Asia through learning about Buddhism and Indian culture while I was a student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. After a couple trips to Thailand and Nepal, I had the opportunity to spend a year in Thailand studying at Chiang Mai University in 2001-02. I liked it so much that I was in no hurry to get back home.

I spent a good number of years teaching English, mostly in Japan and Thailand, but also briefly in Taiwan and South Korea. After the big earthquake in Japan and the threat of long-term radiation, I felt it was time to come back to Thailand and do something other than teaching.

Siam and Beyond is a place for me to share anything about my experiences of living in Asia that I thought might be interesting or helpful to others.

I’ve also worked on a few random projects over the past few years including…

I was a co-host of a podcast at ThaiPod101.com, and I’ve written most of the online learning materials for them.

I taught myself how to make iPhone apps. And started out by developing a couple dozen apps—mostly for people who want to learn Thai and other languages. You can check out all my independent apps here at www.nagarajarivers.com. This eventually led to my current job developing apps at Iglu, a Chiang Mai based development company. If you need an iOS app made, give me a buzz.

You can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.